Company Profile

Company Profile

Imagining the Future of WholesaleCompany Profile

topimgWe stay keen on market trends and share our local appeals worldwide with a new conception. Fujiya-honten is the pioneer to future wholesales.

  • Gathering and providing information

    We provide useful information to our customers and partner companies.

    In an information society where trends rapidly transform, it is vital for companies to swiftly collect useful information such as consumer trends and new product ideas, and reflect those on daily businesses.
    Fujiya-honten supports customer product development and sales by actively providing diverse information; market trends from the eye of our stores and marketing methods, and valued news from our manufacturers are some examples.

  • Product development proposal and support

    We actively propose new product plans and collaborative ideas.

    Emphasizing detailed product proposal Fujiya-honten provides its original ideas to manufacturers for joint developments. Our ideas range widely from selecting raw materials to package design.
    We also are enthusiastic about consulting collaborative projects between companies.
    Linking companies with different backgrounds;
    food material companies with manufacturers, and establishments with newcomers, are a few examples of what we do to reach beyond consumer expectations.

  • Original product development

    We are committed to develop goods which become local icons.

    Every month at our product development meeting in Hakodate and Sapporo, are staffs report back on distributor opinions, markets trends, and voices from manufacturers.
    We carefully analyze and refer to them together with our external advisors for a better product development,For making a truly iconic local product, we devote ourselves to selecting the exact ingredient and tastiness which not only would be accepted by our consumers, but also by Hokkaido locals.