Company Profile

Company Profile

Message and philosophyMessage and philosophy

Message from the President

A collaboration of traditional accomplishments and
young fresh ideas are our driving force.

Our business started in 1948 by processing and distributing marine goods in Hakodate. The variety of our goods expanded over the past 60 years from seafood to sweets, farming goods, dairy goods, processed foods and many other representative specialties from Hokkaido.
Since our establishment, we have continuously been making efforts in product development based on our strong ties with manufacturers and distributors, and have strived to meet customer satisfaction by offering top-quality goods.
We will maintain this spirit and will also anticipate the diverse demands and thoughts of our consumers, as we deepen our strong network with manufacturers and distributors to provide safe and guaranteed top-quality goods.
We press forward as a leading company in Hokkaido specialty product wholesale, and ask for generous support and cooperation from our partners.


Corporate Philosophy

Trust founded on sincere business

With pride as a leading company in the tourism product industry,
our mission is to always provide customer satisfactory top-quality goods.

The Progress of Fujiya-honten

Our business started in 1948 as a privately-run store specialized in selling gifted marine goods in Hakodate. For over 60 years, we have placed our priority in selecting and providing top-quality Hokkaido goods which meet consumer needs, by strengthening our networks with manufacturers and distributors.
We currently locate in Sapporo and in Hakodate and develop a variety of community-based sales activities outside of wholesale which includes product planning and development. Our product list extends daily.

The Progress of Fujiya-honten

Our perfectionism for top-quality
Hokkaido goods

Our treasure from the day of our founding…
That is the “trust” between our manufacturers, distributors and consumers.
We have always been at our best to hear back from our customers that we can be guaranteed and reliable.This has made us to select only the best goods and to ensure a stable supply.
We study our goods and gather information for product development and sales promotion.We have kept our uncompromising sales spirit to maintain consistent end-to-end quality control.
We plow our way with trust and confidence as our business pillars.

Our perfectionism for top-quality Hokkaido goods